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REVIEW: 7659 Lego Imperial Landing Craft

Lego 7659 – Imperial Landing Craft Released in 2007, the 7659 Lego Imperial Landing Craft set makes a great addition to your Star Wars Lego collection. It is a large set with 471 pieces and offers plenty of interest and playability.  It looks a bit like an...

REVIEW: Lego Star Wars AT-TE 75019

Clone Walker –  Lego Star Wars 75019 Realeased in 2013, the Lego Star Wars 75019 Walker is an awesome new set based on the Clone AT-TE vehicle from Star Wars movies Clone Wars, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.  AT-TE stands for All Terain Tactical...

REVIEW: Darth Vader TIE Fighter Lego 8017

Dark Side: Lego Darth Vader TIE Fighter Here’s my review of one of my favorites from the 10th Anniversary editions, the Lego Darth Vader TIE Fighter.  And my first question is: “Why does the Empire have all the coolest stuff?” Lego 8017 set is a...



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