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On February 10, 2014
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The many and varied version of Darth Vader Lego minifigures, reviewed here.

darth vader minifigure

Darth Vader – Minifigure from 6211

Darth Vader – A Lego  Minifigure review

The Dark Side! Darth Vader is the iconic bad guy; ruthless, powerful, no-one can stand against him.  Since the original Star Wars movie back in 1977, this character has symbolized the Dark side of the Force. Here is the Lego Darth Vader…

Lego have produced a number of Vaders over the years, in different forms.  Some of these are so rare I can’t find them anywhere.  The most common Darth Vader minifigure in a number of sets is this one to the right, with the gray head an no eyebrows.  He is in set 6211 Star Destroyer, 1013 TIE collection, and 7965 Millenium Falcon, among others.

“I am your father!” – Darth Vader

In set 8017 Darth TIE fighter, Lego made some slight changes with the face and the cybernetics on his body, making it look a little closer to the movie. He has a red lightsaber with a silver handle.  This is about the best Vader minifigure for someones collection because it’s quite easy to find.

So many and varied Vaders

darth vader lego star wars figure

Lego Darth Vader from 8017

Other variations are the Battle damaged Vader from set 8096 Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle, right at the end of The Revenge of the Sith, and the one from set 7672 Rogue Shadow, which is a ship based on the one from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game.

No collection is complete without the black-helmeted, caped master of evil.  The other variations are good to look out for if you are looking for more unusual versions, but it’s down to personal taste.

If you are buying from Ebay, just be aware that many of the Darth Vaders for sale are keychain ones with the chain removed.

If you want a complete set, there is also a special edition Chrome Vader.

Do you have one of the rarer Lego Darth Vader minifigures?  Let us know.

Collectable: 9 out of 10