lego imperial landing craft

7659 Lego Imperial Landing Craft Box

Lego 7659 – Imperial Landing Craft

Released in 2007, the 7659 Lego Imperial Landing Craft set makes a great addition to your Star Wars Lego collection. It is a large set with 471 pieces and offers plenty of interest and playability.  It looks a bit like an Imperial Shuttle, with one central upright fin and two folding wings, and the tilted front cockpit. This ship features in Star Wars IV: A New Hope (Special Edition) when the Stormtroopers land on Tatooine to retrieve the escape pod.

Stormtrooper Transport

The set comes with two standard Stormtrooper minifigures and two special Sandtroopers with orange fabric shoulder pauldrons.  There are 2 standard blasters and 2 blaster rifles.

The ship is piloted by a TIE pilot in black with a nicely detailed helmet.  He sits in the front cockpit, accessed by removing the clear glass canopy, a little simplistic.

lego imperial landing craft hold with troopers

7659 Lego Imperial Landing Craft Hold

The center-section of the ship is the hold for the troopers.  This can be accessed by lifting up the specially made side hull sections, or the whole thing unclips from the main ship so you can get inside.  Here we have 2 seats and room for all 4 Stormtroopers plus blasters.

Bombs and Missiles

Inside the hold are the release mechanisms for the two missiles, one on either side.  These work quite well, not like the flick-fire type.  Then you have the bombs, made from orange and yellow clear round pieces.  These sit in a kind of tray at the back of the hold, and there is a tilt-mechanism operated from the back to let the bombs fall down.

The wings tilt up and down with a technical-lego mechanism operated by turning a gear at the back of the ship, so you can adjust and set the wings to any angle and they stay in place.

Overall this is a really good set.  It is about 32cm long, an impressive size, and most importantly the Lego Imperial Landing Craft looks how it should look. The 5 minifigures are quite collectable, especially the sand-troopers, and there is enough to keep kids interested too.  You can find this on Ebay but expect to pay at least $50 or 40GBP.

Collectability:  9 out of 10

Playability: 8 out of 10

Age range: 8-12

Aidan’s Opinion: Lego 7659

Not a very good set at all.

A good looking set but not at all well designed.  The moving wings are a good idea and the fact that the inside comes out to put the Stormtroopers in is a interesting idea but, but the way that it is atatched is a bit rubbish.  The minifigures that come with this set are OK but it’s nothing that you can’t get in another set or solo on ebay.

Over all it looks OK, but if you want a playable set, then get something like this