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On January 14, 2014
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Lego set 75021 Republic Gunship from the Attack of the Clones movie.

lego star wars republic gunship 2013

Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship 2013

Lego Republic Gunship – 75021

In my opinion the Lego Republic Gunship 75021 from 2013, is one of the best, maybe the best all round Lego Star Wars Set both in terms of playability and collectability.

The Republic Gunships appear with the Clone Troopers to rescue the Jedi in the Battle of Geonosis, near the end of the Attack of the Clones movie.  And this set closely models those gunships.  It’s a really good looking kit in white with dark red highlights, with plenty of features and 7 cool minifigures, although it doesn’t come cheap!


Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship: Means Business

The gunship looks a little like a cross between an attack helicopter and a jet plane, it’s heavily armed and able to drop troopers into the battle zone. The central fuselage is open, two small cockpits at the front, wings on top and engines mounted above.  Most noticable is the lime-green nose with the two swivel-mounted cannon.

The set has over 1100 pieces. It is a mix of standard bricks and technic lego, which makes for an interesting build and allows for all the hinged and moving parts.  Underneath the cockpits a hatch opens up for missile storage, and there are storage boxes built in to the fuselage above the open troop bay.  The sides fold up and back to give full access to the bay, and there is a speeder stored in the back.

Also at the back is another swivel cannon, and on the very top are mounted flick-fire missiles.  Then you have two side-pods and two wing-pod turrets for gunners, in fact you could easily have about 10 troopers manning this gunship.

Lego Republic Gunship 75021:  Minifigures wow!

Seven minifigures, including Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan and Padme, make this set a real must-have.  All the minifigures are really well detailed and model the characters closely.  These three have double-sided heads with great expressions, Anakin and Obi-Wan have light-sabers and Padme has a blaster.  They all have detailed printing front and back.

Lego republic gunship 2013 padme

Padme from Lego 75021 Gunship


The Clone Pilot comes with a nicely detailed helmet with yellow marking, and body armour unique to the pilot.  He also has a small blaster pistol.  The the Clone Captain comes with red arms and red detailing on his helmet.  He has a huge blaster just like in the movie.  A very cool minifigure.

Lastly there are two Super Battle Droids in metalic grey, to give your gunship something to aim at.

Better than before

In 2002 set 7163 Republic Gunship came out, then in 2008 set 7676 came out based on the Clone Wars movie, with Commander Cody and Ventress minifigures, a good set.  But this latest one from Lego is the best yet and I think even though it should have a couple more Clone Troopers, the minifigures really make it.  It’s such a nice set I would even think of buying it on Ebay without the minifigures.

If you’re going to buy one big expensive Lego Star Wars set this year, this may be the one.

Collectable: 9 out of 10

Playable: 10 out of 10

Aidan’s opinion: Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship 2013

Great set, but has it’s ups and downs:

In my opinion, they could have given it a better shape and that speeder is a bit weird, also, the laser beam dome on the wings don’t look so good, and as they all say, the flick torpedoes aren’t so good.  But apart from that, great minifigures and colors, and great playability as Craig stated, really fun to build too.