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On December 10, 2013
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One of those must-have sets, the Lego Star Wars 6211 Star Destroyer, reviewed here.

Imperial Star Destroyer – Lego 6211 must-have set.

lego star wars 6211

Imperial Star Destroyer – Lego 6211



The fantastic Lego 6211 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer from 2006, is one of the must-have sets for any Lego Star Wars fan or collector, but it’s getting hard to find!

This monster has over 1300 pieces, is over half a metre in length, and includes these cool minifigures: Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, an Imperial Officer, two Stormtroopers, two Emperor’s Royal Guards, an Imperial Astromech Droid, and a Mouse Droid, as well as a hologram of the Emperor himself.

Look inside Lego Star Wars set 6211

lego star wars 6211 star destroyer

Inside Lego 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer

The whole upper deck comes off to reveal the lower deck and Darth’s chamber and armory, and the escape pod bay.  There are lots of cool details in here, with the helmet mechanism and weapons storage for the stormtroopers.

The upper deck is the command bridge, where the Imperial Officer steers the ship, and it has a clever mechanism for clipping and unclipping from the main part of the ship.

Lego 6211 – Well Defended

The outside of the Lego Imperial Star Destroyer is covered with turbo lasers and turrets for defence, and the very front opens up to reveal a release trigger for the escape pod.  One small thing I don’t like is the firing lasers which don’t work very well.

It’s such a big model the instructions come in two parts, and it does take hours to build, but it’s worth it.  The whole structure is based on a triangle of technic lego and is very strong, but some people have pointed out that the floor is a little weak.  When you pick it up you have to be careful where you hold it.

Vader’s ship is a great set overall, Lego set 6211 is very collectable and nice to look at.  Lego have modeled the Star Destroyer nicely, if not perfectly.  If you are looking to buy this set, you should expect to pay anything upwards of 100USD for a used one, but you will find they are usually well looked-after. We found ours on Ebay. The other set you may want to consider is the Republic Attack Cruiser, similar in size and a little easier to find.

lego star wars set 6211 minifigures

Lego 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer – Minifigures

UPDATE:  Look out for the New LEGO Star Wars 75055: Imperial Star Destroyer
released in 2014! It’s a good-looking replacement, very tempting!


Collectable: 10 out of 10

Playable: 9 out of 10

Building difficulty: Expert

Age rating: 9-14

Dimensions:.58.5 x 38.5 x 25 cm


Lego 6211 Review – Aidan’s Opinion

Excellent set, and looks great on a shelf.

I got this set second hand on ebay (I don’t think that you can get it new anymore) for a reasonable price and I was very impressed by it: looks really good with the mixture of different color grey peaces on the sides  and command bridge.  The little turrets on the sides look good, but they could be better, and there could have been more of them.  The way that it is all built around a kind of Technical Lego frame is clever, and it looks good.  But like all sets, it has it’s down sides: the floor can sometimes be a bit weak, so be careful when you pick it up.  The escape-pod is a bit rubbish, it’s mainly just two big pieces with three boosters on the back.  The minifigures in this set are rather cool, the Imperial Guards in this are different to the ones in set number 75034 but they still look good.  Lego 6211 is really a must-get set for any Star Wars Lego collectors.