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On December 19, 2013
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A nice army builder set from Old Republic times, Lego 75001.

lego star wars 75001 set

Lego Star Wars 75001 – Sith and Republic troopers

Lego Star Wars Republic troopers vs Sith troopers 75001

I wasn’t too sure about this set when we first purchased. Lego Star Wars 65001 is based on the Troopers you find in the online game SWOTR, but these Lego Sith Troopers are here to stay, along with the cool new Republic Troopers.

You get 2 Sith Troopers, one with a speeder, and 2 Republic Troopers, one with an overly large blaster weapon.  The speeder is OK, kind of a semicircle that the figure stands on and hangs onto the handlebars.  There are 2 flick-fire missiles which don’t work very well.

Detailed Troopers of Lego 75001

Still, I do like the minifigures in this set.  The details of the Lego Sith Trooper helmets is very good, as are the Republics, with nice printing of the body armour front and back.  One Sith Trooper is dark red and grey, the other black, and the Republic guys are white with orange stripes.

As I mentioned before one of the Republic has a huge two-handed blaster which is too heavy for the minifigure. But you can always take it apart because it’s made of 2 small blasters.  We also had spare blasters in our set, nice!

lego star wars 75001 minifigures

Lego Star Wars 75001 – Cool Troopers

So this set is growing on me, I’ll admit. There are also some other very nice Old Republic sets that Lego have released, I’ll be reviewing them soon.

So if you want to begin your collection of The Old Republic this is a good starter set.  Long term who knows if Lego Star Wars 75001 will remain popular, I think they will.  What do you think?

Collectable: 6 out of 10

Playability: 7 out of 10

Building Difficulty: Beginner

Age Rating: 6-12 Years


Aidan’s Opinion: Lego Star Wars 75001

A nice, simple set from Star Wars The Old Republic.

There isn’t much to the speeder other that it is a simple semicircle with a variety of different colors, two flick missiles and a place for the driver.  The only problem is that the “handlebars” are to high for the Trooper and he can’t see over (see video).  The two Old Republic Troopers are really cool with their big guns and weird helmets.  Their armor and helmets are identical, so are their faces.  The two Sith Empire Troopers aren’t the same though, one has dark red armor with a dark red patch on his helmet, while the other has black armor with no patch on his helmet.

Great set, and a must get for any minifigure collector.