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On April 12, 2014
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Review of the Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter, set 9492 from 2012

lego star wars tie fighter 9492 set box

The Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter 9492 set.

Lego 9492 TIE Fighter  – Only for show?

Thanks for checking out my review of the Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter 9492.  This set came out in 2012, with 413 pieces,  and is very popular at the moment.

Lego 9492 comes with 4 minifigures (if you include the droid) and is a redesign of earlier models with much better designed wings.

The TIE fighter is of course one of those favorites from the original Star Wars movies, and I’ve always thought that the Empire’s taste in machinery was far more refined that the Rebels.  This sleek black and gray ship shows a touch of class.

When built this model is around 23cm high and 17cm wide, which is quite a good size.  It comes with fully opening cockpit and flick-fire (yawn) missiles.  It would look good along side Darth’s ship (8017).

What is most interesting about this set is the way Lego designed the wings, to finally come up with a way to have nice-looking lines.  This is accomplished by enclosing the flat hexagon shaped wings with hinged parts holding together with long flat gray pieces.  It all looks quite complicated but you end up with a very sturdy model, my only complaint is that they look a little too big for the body.

Minifigures of the Empire – Lego 9492 TIE Fighter

4 minifigures in all, starting with the new R5-J2 astromech droid, which is similar to an R2 unit but is has a sloped, not domed head.  Very collectable little guy.

The Imperial Officer comes in gray with black gloves.  He has detailing on the front of his torso, but his hat is a real let-down.  Look for a new Imperial Officer coming out this year (2014)

Next comes the Death Star trooper, he is all in black with silver printing for his tunic and belt, and the unique looking black helmet fits over the headpiece, nicely printed with a frown and a chin strap.  His head is reversible too, the other side has the visor down.  Cool.  He comes with his own blaster.

Finally the pilot of the Lego 9492, again all in black, with printing on the torso. His headpieces is unusual, an unshaven grinning face in a balaclava. The helmet completely covers this up, though, so don’t worry.  They did a good job on the helmet, nicely detailed.

lego star wars tie fighter 9492 minifigures

Lego 9492 TIE minifigures

Popular set

I said before there is a lot of interest in this set at the moment, I’m not sure why.  The ship itself is a good size with a fair amount of playablilty, but the minifigures aren’t wonderful. R5 is the best of the set.  If you are thinking of getting this set for a child, I think they would get bored pretty quickly.  Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter 9492 is more of a collectors set, in my opinion.

Playable: 6 out of 10

Collectable: 7 out of 10


Aidan’s Opinion: Lego 9492

Looks really good and is good for minifigures.

This is a really good set, but it’s a bit expensive.  The ship itself will look great on display but also is excellent for playing with.  They have made many improvements since Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter that had many bad and weak bits: they have thought of a better way to attach the wings to the body, the wings themselves are allot sturdier and look better and the cockpit “door” is allot stronger and doesn’t fall of when opened anymore.  The body and cockpit are out of proportion with the wings, in the actual film the body and cockpit are bigger compared to the wings.  The minifigures in this set are rather collectable ones, especially R5-J2 and the pilot.  The only thing I don’t like about one of these minifigures is that the Imperial Officer’s hands/gloves are black, they’d look allot better if they were grey gloves or skin color like in the Imperial Star Destroyer.Over all it is a great set for minifigures, display and play all in one, the only downside is the price. :(